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Our Products

Our products are produced in a vast array of materials, in a wide variety of specifications such as temperature ranges, color, etc., We also have the capabilities to mold in many other materials.

Our 4 digit numbers are our general purpose compounds and are rated for 80˚C & is flame retardant; our 5 digit numbers are High Temperature compounds and rated for 105˚C & is flame retardant.

Black (part # ends in 1); Red (part # ends in 2); Blue (part # ends in 3); Yellow (part # ends in 4)

ALL Ell-Tron products are 100% Reach & RoHS compliant, as well as Exceed the V-2 UL 94 standards.


We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier.

Please feel free to request any information that you may require.

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