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Many state, federal, and industrial standards have been put into effect regarding the required use of protection over Battery Terminals in the prevention of accidental rapping with tools, etc.. in the past it has been documented to be the cause of shorting, explosions and fires, as well as personal injury to the consumer. Insulating boots such as these also aid in the extended life of the product for the consumer by helping prevent corrosion.

Ell-Tron Manufacturing Company provides an attractive, high quality line of insulating boots to satisfy this need at only a few cents each.

If you do not see precisely what you need in our Standard Line, please contact us for information on how our

in -house design team can create a new boot for your specific application, or send us your print or sketch for a “quick turnaround” quotation.

Ell-Tron offers Custom Molding of products other than caps and covers at a very competitive price.

We are a progressive and growing company manufacturing protective covers for the safety of the consumer against liabilities from accidents that could have been prevented.

Lets get together and see how we can save you money while solving your problems in the cap, plug, grip, and molding fields.

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